Idea #30: “Life as a Game”

Using game mechanics to motivate a person to achieve their own goals. Giving points for achievements and streaks of achievement would build towards rewards that the user set up for themselves.
For example: Let’s say I want to lose 10 lbs. So I decide that I’ll walk 10,000 steps per day.  If I do this for one day, I get 10 points.  If i do this for a second day in a row, I get 15 points, etc. (extra points for the streak).  If I achieve 500 points, then I can eat a cheeseburger (assuming that is something I have given up).  Or if I lose 10 lbs, then I can get the Vibram FiveFinger shoes that I’ve been wanting, etc…Essentially you set up your own rules and the system lets you track your progress and rewards for achievement in a set of rules that you define.
Known Implementations:

  • Epic Win (iPhone app link) – thanks to Smythe Richbourg for the pointer