DoesFollow Adds Twitter List Support!

With the recent introduction of Twitter Lists, Twitter has given us a great new way to discover folks on Twitter. Each list can have up to 500 members. If you’re wondering if you or someone else is on a specific list, we’re back to paging through to find the answer, just like we used to do with followers (before launched last summer).

I was poking around the lists I’ve been added to and I happened to notice that @damon had been followed by @Scobelizer‘s Twitter Tools and Devs list. Interesting. So I started paging through trying to see if he had added my most popular apps. He had added SnapTweet, but I didn’t find DoesFollow.

I realized at that moment, what we all really needed was a simple Twitter List membership check:

Home Screen:

twitter lists membership check

Result Screen:

twitter lists membership check

Please give it a try and let me know if you have any feedback!