Idea #14: Vegetarian BBQ Truck

Vegetarians must feel pretty left out when they tag along to BBQ joints here in Austin.  There’s a burgeoning food truck movement in some cities in the U.S.  and Austin is dabbling at the edges of it.  I hear that Portland has a thousand food trucks and whole blocks of downtown are designated for them.  Sounds very cool.  The market in Austin is so nascent and BBQ is so popular, I would guess you could make a killing with this idea, but who knows.

Think up some killer vegetarian dishes, served on different bread or wraps.  Collect the best BBQ sauces from around Central Texas and the rest of the country  (represent different styles of BBQ) and allow people to try different sauces on the vegetarian BBQ.  It brings in a crowd who typically feels left out (being relegated to eating sides and a plate of pickles) and offers them delicious vegetarian fare with a variety of sauces.  The sauce is an important part of it and there is a lot of variation out there.

You could also offer actual BBQ in an attempt to satisfy both meat and non-meat crowds, but perhaps it’s best to start with a niche focus and grow a following from there?

Any food truck aficionados out there?   What say you?

Known Implementations:  None

Chi’Lantro Mexican/Korean BBQ Taco Truck