Idea #21: Music Aggregation / Song Recommendation Service

Many people listen to music these days with the help of the web. Services like Pandora and to name two.  So our preferences are being recorded already. One problem though is that we may not use the same service so it’s not necessarily easy for me to see what you’re listening to if I use Pandora and you use  So we build an app with the APIs of the services to aggregate those.  Secondly, there’s a social piece where once you’ve entered your id for the various services, you post to Twitter to invite your friends to this site to hook up their preferences so you can share tastes.  Once they click the link and add a service, by virtue of the fact that you are Twitter or Facebook friends, their musical tastes automatically start influencing what you see in your home screen.  You should also be able to disable the influence of a particular account or maybe even say “i don’t like this song” and eventually you build up new intelligence about their musical tastes that is original data.  Every song should ideally have a playable sample and be linked to one or more sites with an affiliate link.  I think it should be like a nickel a song if someone buys, if I remember right.  So hopefully, if enough people start using it, you would eventually have more than two nickels to rub together.