Idea #3: Dropped Call Registry

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the iPhone, AT&T vs. Verizon coverage maps, and dropped calls. I have certainly experienced dropped calls here in Austin during the holidays. I was even contacted by an AT&T Social Media Manager (ATTNicole) to get more details about my dropped calls. This is nice and I’m glad she is asking. But I thought to myself, what we really need is a web site which delivers this info to the cell phone companies en masse.

A site like Time Capsule Dead, but for dropped calls.

Initially, it’d be a database app with the following fields:

Nearest Intersection:
Phone Hardware:
Firmware Version:

The data could be collected, aggregated by geographic location (city, or even mapping the intersection) to help find hotspots of FAIL for a particular carrier, time of day, and location.

What say you?

Known Implementations:

Mark The Spot (AT&T only, data not public) (hat tip: @maczter)


OpenSignalsMaps (Mashable article) [added 2/14/2011]

Gizmodo article about Mark The Spot (hat tip: @maczter)

Sensorly – an app which collects phone data and builds real coverage maps from its users’ phones (hat tip: @lennysan)