Idea #39: Avatar Favorites

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could sit for hours and pit one Twitter avatar against another, marking your favorites along the way?

For example, this is no contest.

@kastner @damon

If you see an avatar you particularly like, you should be able to favorite.  If I had this feature right now, I would definitely favorite @kastner‘s.  You could keep a copy of people’s past avatars and if they OAuth in, they could easily set their avatar back to a previous one they’d used.  So at that point, it’s more useful than just a fun game, it’s a simple avatar management app.

I like the name  The .com is taken, but presently blank.  There are plenty of other Favatar-based domain options currently, however.

If you wanted to go crazy, you could do the same thing for Facebook profile pics and allow those to be saved and set as well.  Setting your avatar across many social services at once would be a value add, as it’s something that a lot of people want to do occasionally.

Is anyone doing any part of this now?
Known Implementations: