Idea #15: Why Do You Follow Me on Twitter?

Build a web app which would:

  • provide for authentication via Twitter OAuth
  • show the logged-in user their following list and allow them to annotate why they follow someone
  • provide a search (preferably live) to find a particular person in their following list if they want to annotate a particular person
  • provide a public discovery search / browse which is based on the notes others have made

This actually benefits everyone involved…you can remember why you followed someone, the person who was followed can better understand why you are following, and the general public can use this information to better decide why they might like to follow someone.

Update: Geoff (@gtcaz) adds this bit to the idea in a private message to me: “Totally. How met. Who introduced. Context.”

Ok, so who’s going to build this?  🙂

Known Implementations: None