Idea #2: Twitter Lists “What Others Think of You” Cloud

Use the list names (take each word between the hyphens) and group them together into a group. So this is a fun little site to see what others think about you. And if the person is popular at all, you should pretty quickly hone in on some key factors about the person.

So for example…these are the lists that I’ve been added to as of November 2009:


Looking at this, you can probably surmise that I’m in Austin, work with Ruby and Rails, and am a programmer.

Now, due to the Twitter AJAX page loading, you don’t get all of the lists in one shot. You get 20 at a time. Therefore, it is difficult to quickly scan all lists and form an opinion without some help. This is especially true for people featured on hundreds of lists. So, the tool would grab all the lists (yes, you have to cursor through, but it shouldn’t be too bad) and break down the words into a frequency list.

Then take the word list and say that any word that appears more than 10% of the time must be important. Some kind of metric. You could filter out known services like conversationalist or favstar. You could run the words through a dictionary.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t done this already. But I’m just saying it’d be really useful if you could type in someone’s name and get a quick read on what others think of them.

Known Implementations: